Ida Reid

Every new family goes through a postpartum adjustment when bringing a new baby home. Be it that you physically birthed your child, are introducing an adopted child, one born via surrogacy, or adding to your brood. This is a wonderful new beginning that is unique and individual for everyone involved. This period brings new rites some challenging but most, rewarding and life fulfilling.

With the growing number of resources available to us it can be daunting at times to decide which to choose from. Some of these resources can speak logically and give a good "diagram" on how-to's...but one size does not fit all in the game of life. We no longer live in a communal society where the women down the street will come over with a home cooked meal, take the baby for a bit and help with lactation. Our modern day models have become promotional DVDs, the Internet and the odd book. We have lost the ability to navigate our instincts and to be able to trust our judgments.

As your postpartum doula, my goal is to work myself out of a job. As an educator and a facilitator during this transitional period, my objective is not to "take over" the care of your new family but rather to nurture you and your family into caring for your new family. I do this by providing evidence based research, being a supportive listener and taking a realistic approach to the needs of your individual family dynamic.



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